Custom-made chocolates

Our know-how can be summarized in three words : Innovation, Quality and Finishing

Our Praliné made in-house

For our home made praliné we select the best hazelnuts, the finest sugar and we add a touch of natural vanilla grains. We then roast, caramelize and ground into the finest hazelnut paste.

The perfect filling for a classic taste experience, or as a base for limitless flavour combinations.

Our moulded chocolates

Our capabilities in chocolate moulding are wide. We are offering ​modern, ludic or traditional mould shapes.

Our moulded chocolates can be single moulded, or double moulded (two identic shells associated to make one praline).

Besides the classic milk, dark and white chocolate couverture we can also create coloured shells.

Our wrapped chocolates

Our chocolates can be wrapped individually for special or seasonal occasions.

Whether you’d like filled or plain chocolate eggs for Easter, carrés for self treat or dômes and gianduja for gifting, you can always customise the wrapper with your own design.

Our enrobed chocolates

Enrobing is one of our most refined manufacturing techniques.

The filling is directly enrobed with a layer of chocolate to get a thin couverture chocolate, for the finest taste experience!

Our decorated chocolates

We offer many types of decorations to customize your chocolates: pad transfer with personalized designs, manual or automatic chocolate decoration or in-mould coloring, we will turn your ideas into reality.

Our truffles

From the authentic and classic truffle rolled in cocoa powder to the most innovative cubic Truffle, we offer a wide Truffles range, with a large variety of delicious fillings and traditional or original decorations.

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